Safe Washes

If you are a car enthusiast and want to take great care of your paintwork, Safe washing is the first step. Safe washing compromises of using two or more wash mitts (not sponges) 1 for the top half of the car and the other for the bottom half, either the two bucket method or three bucket (1 for clean soapy water, 1 for rinsing, 1 for wheels) and the use of Grit Guards to ensure you don’t get any grit on to your wash mitt which could and will harm your paintwork leaving swirl marks and wash marring.

With the use of ph nutruel shampoo’s these methods help to keep your paintwork as good and if not better than it was brand new from the factory.

Why go through all the hassle of ‘Safe Washing’? Simple, safe washing keeps your car looking great and also helps to maintain extra value to the car.

Prices for safe washing start from only £25 and regular wash cycles can be arranged after 3 safe washes.